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F O R   M O R E   T H A N  A   C E N T U R Y ,   H . C R O W T H E R   L T D   
H A S   B E E N   S Y M P A T H E T I C A L L Y   R E ST O R I N G   
O R N A M E N T A L    L E A D    W O R K    F R O M    I T S    S T U D I O  
I N    W E S T    L O N D O N

An early 20th century Mercury
 Maker unknown

A full restoration was needed and a new armature was installed.
  The owners were extremely happy that we were able to save Zephyr, the base which Mercury stands upon.

We have been called upon to travel, not only to Europe and America but as far away as Australia. We have worked in the largest of State Botanical Gardens to the smallest of city gardens and we are proud of our history and the knowledge that we have acquired within this field for over four generations.
Applying this knowledge puts us in a unique position to be able to restore and reconstruct without having to discard. H. Crowther Ltd would never dispose of any part of a historical lead figure, regardless of its state, to do so would be like throwing away a part of history. We would only replace what is missing. We do not replace something just because it is badly damaged, at all times we adhere to the original artists intentions.
We restore with integrity and we would never strip any lead work of its patina. We are world renowned because we are traditional lead craftsman using traditional methods for lead restoration.
At H.Crowther Ltd we have over a hundred years of restoration excellence which is our testimonial.


Jim Crowther 1960


 One of a large number of on site repairs which took two years to complete. Senior restorer at       H.Crowther Ltd from 1925- 1986. Jim was mainly responsible for founding many of the techniques employed by us today. His knowledge has become invaluable

L I O N   M A S K


No lead garden ornament is to small to be restored.

This Lion Mask Fountain Head was badly damaged by an angle grinder, causing a nasty tear to the head and the mane. It also made the face become distorted.

The picture on the right shows the mask ready to be used as a Fountain again.